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Campaign Part 3

A big piece of the solution is education. Teaching individuals at a young age to be altruistic minded so that they can lead happier and more fulfilled lives.


The I Support Community Charity Club and Kids Crew teach children starting at age three empathy, compassion and interpersonal communication skills through activities revolving around a different local charity per meeting. The activities explain the community issue being addressed by the charity, how the charity accomplishes its mission and ways the children can help.

ISC aims to create charitable experiences where the kids connect emotionally to a cause or organization and can relate that information to their own lives.


I believe this type of education, focused on building empathy and compassion, is vital to building healthy and happy children. If they can understand the larger community, it helps them put their own lives into perspective. This will help them better handle the stressors in their lives.

There is no cost for kids to attend Charity Club or Kids Crew. It’s free. Currently Kids Crew meets once a month on the weekends with 15-20 kids in attendance. Charity Club has 48 students participating at Elmwood Elementary school. We already have two additional schools committed to start the program in January 2016 and anticipate three more joining.

With six schools on the program we will reach over 200 students this spring. From there, our goal is to expand this education throughout DuPage County and reach thousands of students.


We would also like to add an on-line tool where Charity Club participants can engage in activities and challenges that teach similar concepts as the Charity Club. This tool would have the ability to track their engagement as well as volunteer service hours, which would provide us with the ability to measure the level of engagement of students’ as they go through school and know the long-term impact of the Charity Club.

It’d be amazing to be able to say that Jonny attended Charity Club six times during his elementary age years, participated in five weekend events, achieved fifty hours of on-line education engagement, joined service clubs in middle and high school and had one hundred volunteer hours? Fast forward ten years. Jonny’s children are empathetic and compassionate based on the example and education provided to them by their father.

We need your help to educate, inspire and empower individuals and families to be empathetic and engaged community contributors for generations to come. Click here to Join the Crew.


Stay tuned for the next piece in our November Generations Campaign where we explain how our Charity Club and Kids Crew support the developement of emotional intelligence in children. 


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