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Our mission is to develop kids with character inside and out. Our vision is empowered individuals and families that are empathetic and engaged community contributors for generations to come.


Pat Adamatis, ISC Community Leader Spotlight, is a perfect example of the type of community contributor we envision. 

Pat Adamatis is an education innovator. In her 25+ years at Naperville Central, Pat Adamatis has helped develop and led the school’s adapted physical education program, helping special needs students participate in gym class. In Pat’s Adapted PE, understanding, compassion and acceptance are as important as the physical activity. Students without disabilities serve as peer helpers in the class and their interaction with their physically or mentally challenged classmates goes beyond the length of the class. In the videos below, you can learn more about Pat and the people she is impacting.

Pat talks about recruiting “peers” for her class

Naperville Central’s Nurse Trish shares her feelings on Pat’s impact

More from Pat on the Adaptive PE culture

“Peers” discuss their feelings about Adaptive PE

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