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Todd & Cathy

For over two years, we have been introducing you to people who are making a difference in the community. Special people doing special things for others. The volunteering and community engagement revealed in these video profiles is central to our mission as is self-awareness and character development. So, we will also be highlighting in this space folks who are using their energies to help others learn human skills: self-awareness, kindness, gratitude etc.

Seven years ago, therapist, Cathy Adams, convinced her husband, Todd, to join her in podcasting their frequent and deep life conversations. He agreed and Zen Parenting Radio was born in the basement of their Elmhurst home. 380+ podcasts later and with a weekly audience of over 8000, Cathy and Todd have used their intelligence and humor to transform lives far and wide. Learn more about Cathy, Todd, and ZPR in the videos below.

How did Zen Parenting Radio start?

Is the show just about parenting?

What are your thoughts about the impact of technology on the relationship between parents and kids?

Your suggestions for connecting with our kids are really all about us parents. Can you share?

Hear Todd & Cathy on September 14th

Cathy & Todd will lead our first Adult Talk, “Maintaining a connection with your kid under today’s pressures” on September 14th. Details can be found at our website by clicking ZPR event.