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This past Saturday my family had the opportunity to volunteer with I Support Community’s Kids’ Crew at World Relief DuPage/Aurora.  World Relief DuPage/Aurora is a fabulous organization that provides support to refugee families, such as setting families up in apartments, teaching them English, and providing other support to adjust to life in our country.

Earlier in the week we shopped for supplies that World Relief needs in order to set up families in apartments (cleaning supplies, linens etc.). When we arrived at Wold Relief on Saturday we met up with the other I Support Community Kids’ Crew volunteers.  A World Relief staff member explained the goals of World Relief to us and gave us a tour of their offices. She showed us their warehouse where they keep all the supplies needed to give to families.  It was incredible the amount of furniture and supplies that they collect and give to refugees each month.Our kids were able to add to the warehouse supplies with the donations we brought.

ISC Kids Cew WR

Next the children and parents worked along side each other to clean three World Relief vans inside and out.  The vans are used to transport refugee families from the airport, to and from ESL classes and to any other necessary destinations.  Together we scrubbed, wiped and vacuumed while chatting and laughing.  The kids (and parents too) were proud of the work they were doing.


One of the best parts of the entire thing was the fact that my nine year old son could very effectively tell his grandfather the next day about the experience and what World Relief does. It was a great experience!

-The Shen Family

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