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mainlogo PNGOur mission is to develop kids with character inside and out. We do this through our Inside Out Club.

We live in a time and culture where materialism and status are our predominate goals. Our children are often over-scheduled and competitively conditioned. This lifestyle is exacerbated by a technology dark side that can dominate their psyche, lead to isolation, narcissism and self-absorption. The result is that children are growing up deficient in the “human” skills necessary to thrive in their lives, in school and later in jobs and in their communities.

The Inside Out Club attacks this issues from a new angle.

Inside Out Club lessons bridge social emotional learning and community engagement. They teach character skills through lessons on the community, local charities, volunteer projects and most importantly, fun! The character traits ISC focuses on are:

acceptance gratitude perseverance
collaboration empathy self-awareness
curiosity kindness

Each one of the Inside Out Club lessons is infused with at least one of these skills at its core. Through instruction, dialogue and action in these skills, young people will be on a path to greater humanity.

Starting in DuPage County, our objective is to share these lessons with as many children as possible as often as we can. Currently, the I Support Community Inside Out Club program is offered in schools, on the weekends and will soon be offered online.


In classrooms: Inside Out Club is designed for students in K-5th grades  and meets monthly at elementary schools in DuPage County. Interested in learning more, click HERE.

Please note that the Inside Out Club curriculum is the property of I Support Community and should not be used without express written permission from I Support Community. 

On weekends: Weekly during the school year we host a Inside Out Club program for families with children ages three to twelve. These meetings take place at the charity or a local community center and provide an opportunity to give back as a family with your young children. Interested in learning more, click HERE.

At home: Our Inside Out Club at home program emphasizes and reinforces Inside Out Club in the schools and on the weekend, and is also a powerful standalone online platform. Interested in learning more, click HERE.

The results of this type of education are youth that are inclusive, socially and emotionally intelligent and charitable. Youth that are kind, reflective, collaborative and have a sense of community!

Our vision is individuals and families empowered through strength of character and volunteerism to live fuller lives for generations to come.