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Educating youth through Inside Out Club!

Inside Out Club develops kids with character inside and out. It teaches children to think outside of themselves and helps increase their perspectives. Club lessons focus on the issues in the community, the charities addressing those issues and provides volunteer and learning activities children. The primary impact is on the child and the secondary on the community at large.

Inside Out Club is designed for students in K-5th grades and is currently reaching over 1,400 students. The Club meets monthly for an hour and fifteen minutes either after school, before school or over lunch depending on the school.

An example lesson would be learning about how it feels to have different disabilities by trying to button up a shirt with rubber gloves on or wearing goggles that have Vaseline on them. In connection with this lesson we talk to the kids about Celebrate Differences and other community organizations helping those with disabilities. We explain how they support individuals with disabilities and that we can help too.

Another example would be to imagine what it would be like to be a refugee arriving in a new country and having to learn a new language and culture. In connection with this lesson the students make fleece-tie blankets for World Relief to be given to a new refugee family. They are asked what it would mean to receive such a gift and how they would feel.

At the end of each lesson a take-home sheet is provided to the students for their parents, which extends the conversation to their homes. It explains what we did, where they can learn more, and how they help the charities we highlighted.

We’re aiming to create charitable experiences where the kids connect emotionally to a cause or organization and can relate that information to their own lives.

Please note that the Inside Out Club curriculum is the property of I Support Community and should not be used without express written permission from I Support Community. 

Current Inside Out Club Schools

District 203, Naperville

  • Ellsworth Elementary
  • Elmwood Elementary
  • Kingsley Elementary
  • Maplebrook Elementary
  • Meadow Glens Elementary
  • Mill Street Elementary
  • Prairie Elementary
  • Scott Elementary
  • Steeple Run Elementary

District 204, Naperville

  • Brooks Elementary
  • Kendall Elementary
  • May Watts Elementary

District 89, Glen Ellyn

  • Arbor View
  • Park View
  • Westfield Elementary

Private Schools

  • Frisco Elementary, Frisco, Colorado
  • St. Joan of Arc, Pre-K to 8th, Lisle
  • St. John’s Lutheran Elementary, Pre-K to 8th, Lombard

Do you want Inside Out Club at your child’s school?

If you live in DuPage County and would like to see this program at your school, please mention it to your principal and PTA/Home and School. You can provide them with this website and ask that they contact Marion Ruthig, Founder & Executive Director at marion@isupportcommunity.org if they are interested in learning more.

Are you a principal or teacher and want to bring Inside Out Club to your elementary school?

If your school is interested in learning more about the ISC Inside Out Club, please email Marion Ruthig, Founder & Executive Director, at marion@isupportcommunity.org to discuss next steps. We look forward to hearing from you.

“I Support Community Inside Out Club has encouraged our students to think through the lens of our “Knightly” character traits; virtues which are valued and celebrated each day at Kingsley. It is the uniqueness of each of our students which makes Kingsley such an amazing place to learn and grow. Celebrating that greatness through I Support Community Inside Out Club has expanded our culture of empathy and understanding for all.” Erin Marker, Principal at Kingsley Elementary

This program would not be possible without the support of our Inside Out Club Partners. If you are interested in learning how your business can partner with us in this program, please contact Marion Ruthig at marion@isupportcommunity.org.