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15 January, 2017
2:30 pm
Naper Blvd Library Program Room, 2035 S Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60565
Feb- Catnip Bags & Treat Boxes for NAHS

What would you think if you saw a child yelling and having a tantrum at the mall?

What if I told you that child had a disability? This event will take you and your child(ren) through a series of videos and activities around cognitive disabilities.

When you leave you’ll have a better understanding, higher level of acceptance and will think differently next time you see a child act out in a public place.


Space is limited. You must register to reserve your spot(s). There is no cost to register, but we do expect that if you register you will attend. If something arises, please take the time to go in and update your registration so that we have an accurate head count. Thank you.

Click HERE to register.

If you have questions, please email Marion at marion@isupportcommunity.org.

About the club

I Support Community’s Inside Out Club is on a mission to develop kids with character inside and out: Kids that work well together, include others, keep trying ­­­if they fail, can imagine what it’s like to be someone else, know themselves inside and out, are curious, thankful and kind, and support the community.  Can you imagine if every child grew up believing and living their lives this way?

Our vision is a community filled with empathetic and engaged community contributors for generations to come.  We believe the more children and families that participate in the Inside Out Club, over time, will make this vision come true. Thank you for being a part of it!

The Inside Out Club (https://www.isupportcommunity.org/inside-out-club/) is on the weekends, in schools and online and we offer it free of cost so that everyone can participate regardless of their financial situation. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here. (https://www.isupportcommunity.org/donate/).