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A Survivor left this inside some linens before leaving the house.

The Russell House, located in Rolla Missouri, helps victims of domestic and sexual violence by providing a safe place and services that repair and rebuild lives.

The Phelps Family Crisis Services (d.b.a Russell House) employs 13 full-time and 5 part-time employees.  It has provided a safe place for women and children from many states. If you do not live in the Rolla area they will help you find a safe place.


It was founded over twenty years ago when a local physician, Dr. Russell, saw the need.  In the beginning, they didn’t even have a house, property to put a house on, or the funds to help even one battered woman.  They just saw this incredible need and acted on it.  The first “Russell House” was donated to them and had to be moved across town on a flat-bed truck to a small piece of donated land.  The Executive Director shared with us the story of the move and how they spent days patching the cracked stucco on that small house.  From that point until now, The Russell House has grown into a facility with over seventy beds.

During 2011, The Russell House sheltered 117 adults and 89 children, provided advocacy and outreach services to close to 800 adults, held over 380 prevention presentations seen by over 7,500 students, and responded to over 950 domestic or sexual violence calls.


None of this could have happened without the support of their donors, volunteers, and their passionate staff and board.   Please help them continue to provide these critical services that save lives and to prevent violence for generations to come.

Thank you,

Marion Ruthig, Executive Director, I Support Community


Russell House is a non-profit organization that provides services to victims of violence and their children. They support the principle that all individuals have a right to a life free of abuse and sexual assault.  They seek to break the cycle of violence through increasing public awareness of the problem of domestic violence and sexual assault, acting as advocates for victims, coordinating existing resources for the benefit of survivors and providing a safe environment for survivors.


Quotes form survivors who stayed at the Russell House

“For years I lived my life in fear, afraid to close my eyes at night, afraid of being killed in my sleep. I learned of the Russell House and I started going to Domestic Violence Support groups there. The groups gave me the knowledge and courage that I needed to believe in my own self worth. I am no longer afraid for my life.  I’m thankful to be alive and to help others.”


“I felt like I had lost everything until I came to Russell House for help. The staff here has been amazing to me and my children. I would be in a very bad place, or possible dead, if the shelter wasn’t here to help us.”


“Everyone here has been so wonderful that I’ve begun to think of every one of you as a friend. There is such a sense of peace within these walls; there really aren’t words to explain.”


The Russell House has various services to help victims of domestic violence including:

Russell House Shelter Adult & Teen Children Counseling
Educational Groups Children’s Program
Hospital and Court Advocacy Veracity Batterer Intervention
Volunteer Program Crisis Services
Violence Prevention Outreach Services

The Russell House is a Women Defined Organization that uses the Model of Empowerment to help vicitims of domestic violence.

Additional Information

The victimization process is a three stage progression. If you or someone you know might is being victimized, please seek help.  The Russell House can direct you to help in your area!

How do I get involved with the Russell House?

Goods & Services Needed

Women and children often come to the shelter from the hospital or police station with the only the clothes upon their backs.   The following goods are currently needed:

  • Used Furniture (beds, tables, chairs)
  • Women’s and children’s winter coats
  • School supplies (needed all school season)
  • All types of women’s and children’s clothing

Items may be mailed to:  P.O. Box 2259, Rolla, MO 65402 (Although this is a PO Box, packages are accepted)   If you have questions about a donation, please contact the Russell House at contact@russellhouse.info or by phone at 573-364-0579

Volunteer Opportunities

Angela Drier is the Volunteer Coordinator with the Russell house.  She helps arrange and coordinate more than 180 volunteer hours per month.   Volunteer opportunities consist of items such as Transportation, Childcare, Shelter relief, Direct services, and Crisis lines coverage.

Training is provided so that volunteers are prepared.  To find out more about these opportunities or to become a volunteer, please contact Angela at angeladrier@gmail.com  or by phone at 573-364-0579

Contact Information

Address: PO Box 2259, Rolla, MO 65402

Office:P: 576.364.0579  /  F: 573.364.1824

Crisis Line: 573.364.0222 or 800.998.8340  /  Rape/Sexual Assault: 573.426.4687 or 888.570.3703

Russell House’s Financial Information

Financial Information Tax Return Tax Exempt Letter

Please help the Russell House continue to help victims of domestic violence and provide education to help prevent or break the cycle of violence.  Donate Today!