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Karina Derhake

When you first meet Karina Derhake, she engages you with her bright easy smile. And as you begin to talk with her, what you quickly learn is behind Karina's smile is a caring human being who finds joy and...

Karl Knutson Headshot 1 (2)

Karl Knutson

Karl Knutson is a self described "creative, fluffy kind of guy" who has given of his musical talents to numerous causes in the Naperville area. These videos reveal the passion Karl has shared with these causes and the deep...


Pat Adamatis

Pat Adamatis is an education innovator. In her 25+ years at Naperville Central, Pat Adamatis has helped develop and led the school's adapted physical education program, helping special needs students participate in gym class. In Pat's Adapted PE, understanding,...


Ray Kinney

At the young age of 16, Ray began giving to his community and has never stopped. His ideas and transformative energy have and will continue to have a lasting impact on Naperville and Dupage County.


Barry Baldwin

As a professional educator and coach at Naperville Central, Barry Baldwin has had a hand in developing young people for a long time. Over 15 years ago, he was recruited to participate in the J. Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation....

Dan Casey Headshot

Dan Casey

For 47 years, the success of Casey's Foods has been about serving the community with "smart answers for fresh foods." For Dan Casey, his commitment to community and service goes beyond his unique grocery business. Dan shares why he...

Photo of Tonia Hardtke

Tonia Hardtke

This spring, we launched Charity Club at Westfield Elementary in Glen Ellyn. Tonia Hardtke is the school's ESL teacher and the club's staff liaison. We were so impressed with her commitment to education, the kids and their families, we...