Due Diligence

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We at I Support Community believe that the due diligence process is extremely important in maintaining the integrity of the site and trust placed in us by those using the site.  The following criteria assist in deciding whether or not a non-profit is invited to join the site.    This is not a comprehensive listing as each non-profit is unique; no one set of criteria could fit them all.  The final decision comes from the Board of I Support Community. 

  • Mission has a broad social impact
  • The non-profit has a good track record and reputation
  • Non-profit was forthcoming in providing all due diligence documents
  • There is a level of transparency in their financial information
  • Previous fundraising events have been effective
  • Have the capacity to provide up-dates to I Support Community on a regular basis 

Due Diligence Documents                                                                                                      Click here for PDF version

Provide the following documents to assist I Support Community in its due diligence process:

  • Tax & financial forms:
    • IRS tax-exempt determination letter (501(c)(3) letter)
    • Latest Form 990 and IL-AG990
    • If applicable, a copy of your latest audited, reviewed or compiled financial statements
  • Program information:
    • Provide information on:
      • Your mission or vision
      • The cause or social impact you are working to correct
      • The activities that are included in your program
  •  Board information:
    • Board listing including names, titles, and contact information
  •  Reference letters:
    • One to two letters of reference from individuals familiar with your Organization that do not work for the organization or serve on theIdeally these letters would come from volunteers and/or those benefited by the non-profits programs and services
    • One letter of reference from a Board member

Please note that the due dilegence process is not an audit. The ultimate repsonsibility relies with donor to determine if they they will donate to an organization on this site.