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Do you wish you had time to give back or get your kids involved in the philanthropic community? Do you have time, treasure or talents to give, but don't have an organization in mind to give them to? Do you want to combine meeting new people with giving back? Do you love stories? If you answered yes to any these questions, you can come to the right place!

Lois Szalinski, a user and supporter of ISC sums it up nicely, "Within each of us there truly IS a desire to help, give, &/or give back...often however, we do not know where to start, where the biggest need lies, or even where our hearts might be calling us. This is why your website and the work you are doing is so amazingly generous and important (& I personally thank you for it!)! Visiting the site, reading the stories, and viewing the videos connects us with Charities & Non profits in a personal way. Your videos deepen our knowledge of these organizations and often introduce us to some otherwise unknown to us. Your site provides the accessibility to view & learn at a time and place that is convenient for each individual. I value that more than words can say. Most importantly your videos attach faces and passion to the works of these organizations, something- try as they might- they cannot accomplish in letters mailed to our homes. Thank you for helping me direct my steps in giving! I hope your outreach flourishes as will the recipients of your generosity and the generosity of your viewers. Keep up the GREAT work and know that personally, "I Support Community too!!"

Become a part of our story.  Please tell your friends and family, and get involved. 



On Wednesday July 11, 2012, the founder was attending a networking breakfast and saw a video of the Hesed House, a local homeless shelter,  that was so powerful in brought tears to her eyes.  As she left the breakfast an idea came to her: wouldn’t it be amazing if every nonprofit could share their story that way and if that video could be seen everywhere by everyone.  At that moment I Support Community was born.  

I Support Community was founded in the fall of 2012 and is exempt from Federal Taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. ISC is based out of Naperville, Illinois. The site launched in December 2012 with one organization.  


Video Storytelling:

This program provides the community with a trusted resource for connecting to local charities. Clicking on the "Find a Charity" tab above enables you to search for charities by category, so you can find an one that aligns with your beliefs.  Once you fine it, just click to see their page, watch their story, and learn how to get involved. If you like what you see, plase click the social media share buttons so you can help spread awareness. 

All of our charity partners have passed a due diligence process prior to joining this site. This process includes a review of the charity's financial statements, tax returns, Board of Directors composition, and letters of recommendation. We perform this review so you can trust in the information on this site. The Founder & Executive Director, Marion Ruthig, is a certified public accountant with over 12 years of business experience that includes the preparation of non-profit tax returns (Form 990), auditing non-profits, as well as experience with planned giving.  She is key in the due diligence process with final approval coming from the ISC Board.

Coffee Campaign Crew ("CCC") program: This innovative program supports ISC, and spreads awareness about our mission and the missions' of the organizations on our site through social, networking and volunteer actitivities.  Currently, we have three Crews running: After Work, Morning and Kids Crews.  Click on the "The Crew" menu on the top of the screen for additional information on the Crews and to join. 

The CCC program provides three key services - Education: Adults and children are educated about local nonprofits and how they are addressing issues facing our community,as well as how they can help. Planned Volunteer Opportunities: We plan volunteer opportunities making it easy to get involved, give back and have a positive impact on the community. Employee Engagment: By providing education and exposure to a variety of charities, we can empower employees to get involved in organizations that share their passion.


How do I get involved with I Support Community?  

There are so many ways to get involved:

  • Join the Coffee Campaign Crew (click the "The Crew" tab above)
  • Help with Coffee Campaign Crew Programming
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Like us on Facebook and tell your friends and family about isupportcommunity.org.  Help us get the word out!
  • Assist with fundraising events
  • Scanning and other administrative tasks
  • Donate or become a corporate sponsor

If you are interested in getting involved with ISC, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your name, age and contact information. 

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